Yankee Candle Twilight Dusk Rope Lantern Jar

Yankee Candle Twilight Dusk Rope Lantern Jar/Pillar Holder - Small

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Coastal Living Collection

Add a dramatic touch to your decor with coastal collection of candle accessories - the complementry designs are ideal for working together to create harmony between twilight and dusk hues of blues and bronze. Designed for indoor and outdoor use.


A Yankee Candle Lantern Jar/Pillar Holder tastefully accentuates both Large and Medium Housewarmer Jars and Pillars for a great look to go with the amazing smell, and also helps to protect counters and furniture surfaces.

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Jar holders may become warm during use, so do not move the holders with lit candles on them. Blow the candle out first and move when it has cooled sufficiently.