Yankee Candle Starry Night Ceramic Melt

Yankee Candle Starry Night Ceramic Melt Warmer

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Inspired by the enchanting scene of a star-filled winter night, the stylish ceramic pieces of the Starry Night Ceramic Collection are as much about artistic creation as they are practical accessories for enjoying your candles. Classy and stylish, they make for tasteful additions to your decoration collection.


Designed specifically for use with Yankee’s Wax Melts, Melt Warmers are a great way to fragrance medium to large sized living spaces whilst adding a touch of style to your home. Available in a wide range of designs, there’s a Melt Warmer for you and your home, whatever your taste and décor.

Some tips on how to get the best from this product:

Simply unwrap your Wax Melt, place in the top cup and burn an unscented tea light inside the warmer. Do not move the warmer once a tea light has been lit. To remove the wax melt simply allow the warmer to cool thoroughly and place in a fridge/freezer for 10 minutes and you will find the wax will pop out more easily. Allow the warmer to return to room temperature before re-lighting a tea light inside.

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