Yankee Candle Simply Pastel Medium

Yankee Candle Simply Pastel Medium Jar Lantern

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Capture the simple things this Spring with Yankee Candle's new Simply Pastel collection of limited edition candle accessories and gift sets.

From eye-catching pearlescent finishes to splashes of soft pastels, these will bring your home decor to life this season. A new season awakens with this beautiful collection of accessories, featuring a splash of gold throughout.


A jar holder tastefully accentuates your Medium Housewarmer Jars for a great look to go with the amazing smell, and also helps to protect counters and furniture surfaces.

Get the best from this lantern...

Jar holders may become warm during use, so do not move the holders with lit candles on them. Blow the candle out first and move when it has cooled sufficiently.