Yankee Candle Multi-Wick - Making Memories 'Balance'

Yankee Candle Multi-Wick - Making Memories 'Balance'

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Fragrance Description

Sugarcane and amber crystals united in an intriguing vanilla blend.

About 3-Wick Round Vessel

Making Memories Candle pairs a relaxing spring fragrance with the a meaningful sentiment. Featuring 3 wicks, and with a burn time of up to 40 hours. The candle is presented in a beautiful box, making it the perfect for gift for anyone who deserves a treat.

Some tips on how to get the best from your multi-wick candle:

As with all candles, the first burn is the most important. To begin, candles should burn one hour for every 1 inch in diameter of the actual candle size. If the wax is not allowed to melt from edge to edge of the jar, it will create a "memory ring," especially if this is the first time the candle is lit. Once a candle has this "memory ring," it will continue to tunnel and to burn that way for the life of the candle. This multi-wick candle has a burn time of 30-40 hours.