Yankee Candle Crosshatch Brass Illuma-lid

Yankee Candle Crosshatch Brass Illuma-Lid

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The contemporary design of the Crosshatch Brass collection is an eye-catching addition to Yankee's range. Stylish and bold, these accessories work excellently with almost any wax colour and make for striking display pieces in any room.


Illuma-Lid® jar toppers are an essential accessory. Designed to fit Medium and Large Housewarmer Jars, Illuma-Lids reduce draughts and stabilise the candle flame. This helps prevent tunnelling and ensures you get the most from your Yankee Candle. 

Get the best from this Illuma-Lid:

Do not handle these immediately after use as they will be very hot from the candle flame. We advise you only use them on Large and Medium Yankee Candle jars.