Our Story

Where it all began

Hello! Welcome to our story - your chance to learn a bit more about Yankee Aroma Direct: who we are, and what we do.

Yankee Aroma Direct started with humble beginnings. Business-founder Imogen and husband Tim first created the business with just £250 and a box room. At first, we were selling niche gift items, but having spent some time living in America, we fell completely in love with Yankee Candle and their amazing products. In fact, we love Yankee Candle as much as our customers do – and with a brand we were genuinely passionate about, the company was about to embark on a whole new direction.


Location, location, location…

From one small retail unit with a single stand and a tiny selection of Yankee’s finest, things grew and grew, and it wasn't long before we were looking for a new place to move to. It was then that we had an idea. Some of our customers come a long way to our store to get their hands on Yankee’s exclusive products, and it’s always nice to be able to sit down, relax and have a cup of coffee as you browse. So we thought - why not turn our store into a coffee house as well? We already knew coffee and candles are a great match (did you know, for example, that a quick whiff of coffee beans ‘resets’ your sense of smell and allows you to smell your candles more clearly?), so it seemed completely obvious to combine the two!


The Store Today

The store today has three parts: the shop, the café, and the office, where our team work tirelessly to ship Yankee Candle all over Europe. We strive to create a different kind of customer experience that will make you feel welcome and at home as soon as you enter our shop. Most retailers today seem to focus entirely on selling at the expense of customer satisfaction - we would much rather our customers left our store empty handed but feeling relaxed and having enjoyed their time with us. We pride ourselves on being friendly and attentive, on being knowledgeable on all things Yankee Candle, and on the quality of service we provide - and that includes the coffee. Imogen is coffee mad and would never settle for second-best coffee, so all of our staff are trained baristas to ensure our coffee is as good as the candles!


The Team

Our team has expanded again, and is now made up of this friendly bunch:

Imogen - Imogen is the founder and Managing Director of Yankee Aroma Direct. The brains behind the whole operation, Imogen juggles running the business alongside her other full time job, and can still be found in our store providing expert advice on all things Yankee Candle and providing a warm welcome for all our customers when available.

Tim - Imogen’s husband Tim does essential technical work behind the scenes. You probably won’t ever see him, but we wouldn’t be here without him! Tim has been married to Imogen for 20 years.

James - started at Yankee Aroma Direct as a Saturday worker
whilst in college training in Public Services, but since then has
become a backbone of the company. James can most often be found on
the shop floor sharing his passion for fragrance, and can always
be relied upon to give a warm, smiley welcome. James loves all kinds of
strong scents and his current favourite is Lily Flame Rhubarb. In James's words
if it fills the house with a beautiful strong scent "He is Happy".

James has been happily married for 2 years and outside of work he is passionate
about helping young people and volunteers with a local charity. James also enjoys
relaxing on holiday in Somerset.

Matt - Matt leads the production team and has a degree in 3D Glass Design. Passionate about Yankee Candles, DIY and other outdoor pursuits, Matt is happily married to his wife of five years Kirsty and has celebrated the birth of baby Lucas this year. Matt’s favourite Yankee Candle is Soft Blanket.

Bailey - is a great barista and makes a great sandwich or toastie, not forgetting a great BLT.

He enjoys both participating and watching Football and spending time with his girlfriend. And as for gaming - Very Good!

Bailey likes all fragranced candles but his current favourite Yankee Candle is Peach & Lavender due to the fruity fragrance it gives off. His Lily Flame favourite candle is Parma violets, purely because it smells identically to the sweets and for St. Eval Sea Salt is the winner as it has a subtle kick to it.

Bailey looks forward to welcoming you in store.


The Future

Of course, no one knows exactly what the future holds, least of all us, but we know a few things for sure. The first is that we will continue striving to improve all that we do to better serve our customers, the second is that we will continue to review the market place to ensure we are doing our best to meet your needs both online and locally, and finally, that whatever happens, it’ll be a great ride - as it has been since the beginning!

We look forward to having you alongside us - without you, our customers, we are nothing - we can’t thank you enough for being there with us on our journey so far, and thanks for taking the time to read our story.