‘I’m new to Yankee Candle. Where do I start?’

First off, welcome to the Yankee Candle fan club! You’re joining countless other Yankee fans around the world. But with such a number of different candles, accessories and scents on offer, it can all be a bit bewildering. We recommend that you check out our Yankee Candle Product Guide so you know what each Yankee Candle is, what it does, and how to use it.

Some first things first though - Yankee Candle offer over eighty different fragrances which can be grouped into five distinct Fragrance Families (more info on that below). Their scented items can be split into two loose groups - wax and non-wax items. Some of these are burned in the traditional way with a flame, some are electric, and others use neither. Which of these is best for you depends on the suitability of each for you and your home. Yankee also offer travel products suitable for vehicles, so if you want some Yankee Candle air fresheners for your car, check out our Travel section. There are also a range of accessories to go with your candles - for more information see the Product Guide and our FAQ on accessories below. 

Once you know the basics it’s time to try out some different Yankee scents. Votive Samplers are the ideal product for this purpose, as they are inexpensive, easy to use, and perfect for sampling new scents. Alternatively, why not visit our store in Buckinghamshire - we have the full range available for you to try.

For more tips and advice, see the rest of the FAQ section, and check out our Product Guide and Candle Care guide. If you still have questions, contact our Support team, who will be only too happy to help.


‘What are Fragrance Families?’

Fragrance Families are what Yankee Candle groups its different scents into. There are four main families: Floral, Fresh, Fruit and Food & Spice. There is also a further category - Festive, which includes a range of assorted Christmas scents for the festive season. Different people tend to prefer different Fragrance Families, so try experimenting and see what works for you. You could also visit our store, where we’ll be happy to help guide you through the different families and choose some scents which are right for you and your home.


‘How do I use a Wax Melt?’

Wax Melts (previously known as Wax Tarts) are unique amongst Yankee products in that they are made of wax but don’t have a wick of any kind. Instead of burning them directly, you melt them in one of Yankee Candle’s Melt Warmers, which use either a lit tea light in the base of the warmer or (in the case of an Electric Warmer) mains electricity to heat the Wax Melt and diffuse the scent around the room. Because the whole Wax Melt melts all at once, this allows for strong, powerful fragrancing. 


‘I’m looking to fragrance a larger room, what products are suitable?’

For larger rooms there are multiple options available. Large or Medium Housewarmer Jars work well, as do the small but powerful Wax Melts and Scenterpiece Melt Cups. Another option is a Scent Plug, which provides adjustable levels of fragrance and at maximum level can fragrance large rooms.


‘I have a smaller home, what would work well?’

For smaller rooms, smaller products like Small Jars, Votive Samplers and Tea Lights work well. Alternatively you could try using a Reed Diffuser for continual, long-lasting fragrance, or an adjustable Scent Plug turned down to a low level for another flameless alternative.


‘Are all scents suitable for all rooms?’

It is worth bearing in mind that some Yankee Candle scents are stronger than others, particularly Food & Spice scents. You may wish to avoid using some of these stronger scents in smaller rooms as you may find them a little overpowering. Ultimately however what fragrances you choose to burn comes down to your personal preference!


‘I have young children so candles aren’t suitable, are there any flameless alternatives?’

There are plenty of ways you can enjoy Yankee Candle without the potential danger of a naked candle flame. Electric Warmers and Scenterpiece Melt Warmers both run off of mains electricity and allow you to enjoy fragrance from Wax Melts and Melt Cups (respectively). Another electric alternative is the Scent Plug, which plugs straight into socket and uses a special oil to fragrance your room. If none of these are suitable, you could also try one of Yankee’s Reed Diffusers, which come in three different designs and all use natural rattan reeds to wick fragrance oil into the air. Once set up they provide lasting, continual fragrance without the need for flame or electricity. 


‘Do I need accessories?’

Most Yankee Candle products can be used straight away without any accessories - the two notable exceptions being Votive Samplers, which must be burned in a Votive Holder, and Wax Melts, which require a Melt Warmer. However, most Yankee accessories have practical as well as decorative purposes. Take for example a Shade & Tray set - the shade reduces the effects of draughts, giving a steadier flame and better burn performance, whilst the tray protects your tabletop from possible heat damage. Other accessories like Wick Trimmers and Illuma-Lids also improve the burn performance of your candle, whilst the various types of Holders provide greater safety and help protect your furniture. Whilst none of them are strictly speaking essential, they can help you get the most from your candle and ultimately save you money in the long run.


‘What does a Wick Trimmer do?’

A Wick Trimmer, as the name suggests, is designed solely for the purpose of keeping your candle wick neatly trimmed to the recommended length of 3mm. This is important because a wick that is too long or that has ‘mushroomed’ during burning can negatively impact the burning performance of the candle and lead to a tunnelling (see our question on tunnelling), which wastes wax, looks messy, and reduces the lifespan of your candle. A Wick Trimmer is much better suited to the job than scissors, as with its unique design it can easily reach down inside the candle, and its special recessed blades it collects all the wick trimmings and prevents them from falling into the wax pool, which causes unwanted smoking and can pose a fire risk. For these reasons, we recommend Wick Trimmers as your number one candle accessory. 


‘What is tunnelling and how can I prevent it?’

Tunnelling is a process that occurs when your candle fails to burn all the way to edges of the candle, creating what is known as a ‘memory ring’. Once a memory ring has formed, subsequent burns cause the flame to ‘tunnel’ down this memory ring and create a hole in the wax, leaving large amounts of wax unburned around the edge of the candle. This significantly reduces the lifespan of your candle, and tends to be a problem mainly on larger products like Large and Medium Jars and Pillars.

Fortunately though it is easily avoidable if you take appropriate steps. Firstly, you should make sure that when burning your candle you always allow enough time to ensure the flame melts the wax across the full diameter of the candle - this is particularly important for the first burn when a memory ring can easily form. The exact time this will take varies by the size of candle but as an approximate guide it takes about one hour for every one inch (2.5cm) of candle diameter. Secondly, you should always use a Wick Trimmer to keep the candle wick trimmed to a length of 3mm, which keeps the flame heat close to the wax and helps prevent tunnelling. 

For more information, see the ‘Jars, Pillars and Tumblers’ section of our Candle Care guide. 


‘I’m out a lot and don’t have time to burn a candle, are there any other options?’

Candles have to be burnt until the wax has fully melted across the whole diameter of the candle to prevent tunnelling, and in the case of larger candles such as Large and Medium Jars, this can take some time - fine if you’re settling in the evening and have the time to burn your candles for long enough, but not ideal if you need a quick hit of fragrance or simply don’t have the time to give the candle long enough to melt properly. 

If this is the case for you, you’ll be pleased to know there are still plenty of options for you. If you still want the classic warmth and glow of a regular candle product, Tea Lights and Votives don’t need much burning time. For a convenient electric option, try a Scent Plug, which provides rapidly diffusing, adjustable fragrance that you can switch on and off as desired. Alternatively, you could also consider using a Reed Diffuser, which provide gentle, constant fragrance without the need for any flames or electricity and so can be safely left unattended.


‘Why do I have black soot round the inside of my jar?’

After burning your candles for some time, you may notice a black sooty residue forming on the glass around the inside of the candle. In itself this is nothing to worry about, but it could be a sign that your candle isn’t burning as well or as efficiently as it could be. Excessive smoking can be caused by draughts and mushrooming of the wick. 

Both of these can be easily remedied - using a Wick Trimmer will keep the wick neatly cut and at the recommended length, whilst draughts can be reduced either by re-positioning the candle or by using an Illuma-Lid or Shade (for jar candles). To clean the candle and remove unsightly soot, simply extinguish the candle, allow to cool, and wipe clean with a damp piece of kitchen towel.


‘I’m looking for a gift for someone, do you have any suggestions?’

Yankee Candles make great gifts, and there’s something for everyone regardless of the occasion or your budget. If you’re looking for the perfect present for a Yankee Candle fan but aren’t sure what they’ll like, one of Yankee’s beautiful Gift Sets is a good choice. Yankee have done all the hard work for you and selected products which work well together and wrapped them up in attractive display packaging. Often these Gift Sets have a certain theme which makes them suitable for special occasions like Christmas, Easter or Valentine’s Day, but they also offer a range of everyday Gift Sets suitable for any occasion - as a birthday present or a thank you gift, for example. See our Gift Pack section for the full range.

Alternatively, if you wish to buy a gift that’s a bit more personal, you can combine different Yankee products for your own customised gift set. Try picking products that work well together - a wax product like a Medium Jar and a matching accessory like an Illuma-Lid is ideal. Accessories also make great standalone gifts and help you avoid the risk of buying a fragrance that your friend might not like. Ultimately though you can rest in the knowledge that whatever you choose though you’ll get the same renowned Yankee Candle quality!


‘I want to combine fragrances together. How should I do this?’

Combing different fragrances, known amongst Yankee Candle fans as ‘layering’ or ‘mixology’, is a great way to enjoy Yankee Candle in a whole new way. Yankee offer a huge range of scents that all work brilliantly on their own, but if you’re feeling adventurous and fancy a change, layering allows you to create a brand new fragrance unique to you and your home.

The first thing to consider is what scents you wish to combine. Not all scents work well together, so choose carefully - generally we would recommend sticking to using scents from the same Fragrance Family - two or three Floral scents, for example. You can combine across Fragrance Families - a Fruit and a Food & Spice may work well together, as might a Floral and a Fresh, but your chances of success are lower. It’s down to you to find out what works - it’s your home, after all!

Whilst you can use any product for layering, it makes the most sense to use a smaller candles like Votives, Wax Melts or Tea Lights as they are the most cost-effective option. You can either burn all the scents together in the same place (accessories like the Triple Votive Holder and the Mixology Melt Warmers are perfect for helping you achieve this) or spread them around the room to create pockets of different fragrances - whichever you prefer. 

One final thing to note is that layering scents does not mean trying to physically burn them together - don’t try and use two Wax Melts in a single Melt Warmer, for example. Burn candles separately in separate accessories as normal - the only exception being accessories specifically designed for this purpose like the Triple Votive Holder and the Mixology Melt Warmers mentioned above. We’re sure you’ll enjoy mixing and matching your scents - experiment and have fun!


‘I travel a lot, can I take Yankee Candle with me?’

You certainly can - Yankee Candle’s Travel range is full of products which are perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. The ever-popular Car Jar cardboard car air fresheners are an inexpensive and simple way to enjoy your favourite Yankee Candle scents in your car, but also work well in other small spaces - a wardrobe or even a suitcase for example. Car Jar Ultimates are similar but longer lasting and also utilise special odour-neutralising technology to eliminate, rather than just mask, unpleasant odours, making them a great choice if you need to get rid of any unwanted smells (they’re great for pet owners trying to get rid of the smell of wet dog from their car!) Car Vent Sticks can only really be used in your car but their special design makes them unique amongst other travel products in that they attach to car air vents and so allow for fully controllable, adjustable fragrance.


‘How does Scenterpiece work?’

Yankee Candle’s new Scenterpiece range offers a new and super easy way to fragrance your home, providing powerful and long-lasting scent enjoyment, even for larger sized rooms. They work much like an Electric Melt Warmer except that instead of using Wax Melts, they use the new Easy MeltCups, which unlike Wax Melts are self containing - all of the scented wax is contained within their plastic cups. This means that they really couldn’t be easier to use - whilst switching scents in a regular Melt Warmer can be a little tricky, it takes a matter of seconds with a Scenterpiece Warmer, and you never have to touch the wax. The Melt Cups are also very long lasting, providing up to 24 hours of fragrance, making them great value too.


‘I’m looking for USA exclusive scents. Where can I find them?’

Yankee Candle is an American company which means there are a large number of scents rarely found outside of the USA. Nonetheless, there are still a limited number of exclusive USA-only scents which we have special access to. Known as USA Treasures, these scents include a mix of new ones and rare old favourites that have since been retired, and offer a unique opportunity to enjoy these very special fragrances. 

Unfortunately we are unable to ship USA Treasure scents directly to our customers, however, they are available for click-and-collect from our store in Buckinghamshire. It’s a also a chance for you to meet our friendly team, enjoy some quality coffee, and see where the magic all happens!