Fairy Dust In Your Home

Posted by Imogen Ninnis on

Lily-Flame are the UK’s number one favourite scented candle maker and they are based in Somerset. More people enjoy burning Lily-Flame candles in their homes than any other British made scented candles and of all their magical fragrances, Fairy Dust scent is my favourite.

As a company we have recommended this fragrance to a lot of our customers and I personally find it to be subtle but distinctive. It sounds strange to describe a scent as light, sweet and inviting but each time I smell this scent it makes me feel happy.

The reeds are great value as well as long lasting and once you have tried these you will be ordering the refill after months of initial enjoyment.

I will be back with more top picks in the next few weeks. In the meantime please subscribe to keep updated.


Lily Flame Fairy Dust - Its What Sunny Mornings were made for

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